Memphis Paranormal
paranormal research group and FREE
Grief Counseling service in Memphis.
Our work has been featured on
television and radio programs all over
the world. We document with film, video
and audio, all forms of supernatural
activity, and we are the only paranormal
research group in Tennessee that
remains completely FREE. We are also
the only paranormal group in Memphis
who's members PASS criminal
background checks!
Memphis has a rich past like no other
Southern city its size. From civil rights
leaders and rock & roll icons to
presidential contenders and gangsters,
many famous people have left an
indelible thumb print on the fabric of
Memphis history. Our goal is to
accurately record those voices from the
past that still linger about.

Serving the haunted side of
Shelby County since 2001.
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"We Really Do See Dead People"
haunted member of american ghost society.
3 memphis ghosts captured in mirror. Taken by Chaunte Cole of Bartlett, Tn.
member of united states ghost research.
ghost of
Please READ
"Paranormal 101"
We hold these classes as often as we can.
For groups of 10 or more
I can sometimes
arrange a special tour/class for you. Out
of town groups of ten, get first priority.
Our services are FREE , but we do ask
that if you can, please make a donation
in our name to the Y.W.C.A. (for abused
women and children) Or donate to the
Child Advocacy Center in Memphis. This
organization helps children who have
been beaten or molested. These classes
are booked at least 2months in advance.
This is NOT for
slavehaven memorial garden built by Memphis Ghost Hunters®
haunted cemetery in memphis.
haunted cemetery in memphis
ghosts at bethule cemetery in memphis?
A memorial garden we built for the SlaveHaven Underground Railroad Museum in downtown Memphis. Several slaves perished on their journey to freedom,
buried in unmarked graves on the property.
3 apparitions caught in mirror at "private" investigation. The owner of this house was just laying down to go to sleep, when a large unseen spirit climbed on top
of her in the bed. Pinning her down with great force. She screamed for help and the spirit left as her husband entered the room. We got a call the next day!
Random Photography:
my business is a HATE FREE zone!
Mike Einspanjer reviews. Memphis Paranormal Investigations.
Memphis Paranormal Investigations
Most of our clients cannot
afford traditional grief
If you'd like to help us
our work, you can donate.
Any amount will be a
blessing! Thank you.