Memphis Paranormal
paranormal research group in Memphis.
Our work has been featured on
television and radio programs all over
the world. We document with film, video
and audio, all forms of supernatural
activity, and we are the only paranormal
research group in Tennessee that
remains completely FREE. We are also
the only paranormal group in Memphis
who's members PASS criminal
background checks!
Memphis has a rich past like no other
Southern city it's size. From civil rights
leaders and rock & roll icons to
presidential contenders and gangsters,
many famous people have left an
indelible thumb print on the fabric of
Memphis history. Our goal is to
accurately record those voices from the
past that still linger about.
Memphis Ghost Hunters
"We Really Do See Dead People"
Serving the haunted side of
Shelby County since 2001.
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"We Really Do See Dead People"
haunted member of american ghost society.
3 memphis ghosts captured in mirror. Taken by Chaunte Cole of Bartlett, Tn.
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Memphis Paranormal Investigations
member of united states ghost research.
ghost of
Please READ

With the creation of television shows like Paranormal State and The Ghost Hunters on ScyFy Channel, Americans are becoming fascinated with all
things paranormal. This has created a real problem with real Paranormal Investigators around the country. Fans of the show watch with anticipation to
see if the "ghost" will appear around the corner or not. If you watch these shows closely enough, you'll see it's more "not" than anything. These are
very entertaining shows, but they are simply that, entertaining. Both shows have a special effects department that can rival anything in Hollywood. Are
you seeing the big picture here? If you have a REAL haunting in your home, do you want a Hollywood special effects team coming into your home to
help you? Do you want "wannabe" Ghost Hunters trying to emulate their favorite ScyFy characters, coming to help? Or do you want a REAL Memphis
Ghost Hunters taking care of the problem? In the field of Paranormal Research, we are inundated with false alarms, that we can attribute to the
success of these television shows. Someone watches the show and hears a noise... "OMG my house is haunted!" Slow down. Get a grip. Your house
isn't haunted. How to know your house is haunted??
(drops in temperature of 15 degrees or more. Usually in a room that should be warm.)
You will see a figure, either out of the corner of your eye or right in front of you. They sometimes use odors to get your attention. A perfume that no
one in your family wears? Cigar or pipe, etc...  If you have something other than a ghost in your home, they will show their hand almost immediately.
Now the television show Paranormal State would have you believe that everything in your home is a demonic force. That's just silly! Demons don't just
show up. You have to do something stupid like play with a Ouija Board or some other tool of divination to invite them into your space.
ASK ABOUT OUR FREE Paranormal Instruction CLASSES!
"Paranormal 101"
We hold these classes as often as we can. For groups of 10 or more I can sometimes arrange a special time/tour for you. Out of
town groups of ten, get first priority. Our services are FREE , but we do ask that if you can, please make a donation in our
name to the Y.W.C.A. (for abused women and children) Or donate to the Child Advocacy Center in Memphis. This organization
helps children who have been beaten or molested. These are 2 causes that we feel strongly about.
slavehaven memorial garden built by Memphis Ghost Hunters®
haunted cemetery in memphis.
haunted cemetery in memphis
ghosts at bethule cemetery in memphis?
ghost at old raleigh cemetery in memphis?
Ectoplasm Mist at old raleigh cemetery.
A memorial garden we built for the SlaveHaven Underground Railroad Museum in downtown Memphis. Several slaves perished on their journey to
freedom, and are buried in unmarked graves on the property. The Cypress tree, we planted in memory of a young man found murdered in a house next
door to the museum. It's now as tall as SlaveHaven.
3 apparitions caught in mirror at "INMAN" investigation. The owner of this house was just laying down to go to sleep, when a large unseen spirit climbed
on top of her in the bed. Pinning her down with great force. She screamed for help and the spirit left as her husband entered the room. We got a call the
next day! She had a Memphis Haunted House, and we helped her to get rid of her
Random Spirit Photography: Memphis Ghost Hunters. Memphis Paranormal Investigations. Since 2001. Unlike competitors (G*H*O*S*T) our employees can PASS a criminal background check.
my business is a HATE FREE zone!
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Mike Einspanjer teaching a special edition of Paranormal 101 to almost 200 criminal justice students. They learned how to use their psychic abilities in their perspective jobs. Our investigators and employees all PASS criminal background checks. We are the only paranormal business in Memphis who can PASS a criminal background check. Our competitor is a violent felon and a convicted burglar and forger.
Ghost Hunters-Paranormal Assistance

by Memphis Paranormal Investigations

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Memphis Paranormal Investigations. Free grief counseling in Memphis.
Mike Einspanjer reviews. Memphis Paranormal Investigations.
Mike Einspanjer reviews. Memphis Paranormal Investigations.
Mike Einspanjer reviews. Memphis Paranormal Investigations.